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Dentech Company for Medical Programs was born out of full awareness of the market and healthcare business with a technology that is meet the needs and demands of healthcare providers. The founders ensured the production of a program that covers all medical, dental, and specialized centers and complexes and meets all the client’s technical and practical requirements needs in one strong and secured platform and a strong entity of the company with roots with Strong potential for long-term and secured customer service.

Features and Benefits

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Patient Administration

Appointment Scheduling (Doctor, Test, Service, Surgery, Generic Resource), Patient Registration, ADT (Admission, Discharge and Transfer), Bed Management/Bed View and Patient Communication

Clinical Features

Outpatient EMR (with configurable form designs to capture SOAP notes, diagnosis and e-Prescriptions), Pending Prescriptions Dashboard, Inpatient EMR (Notes, MAR, Clinical Documentation), OT-EMR and the EMR View of consolidated electronic medical records.

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Revenue Cycle Management

Cash Credit Billing, Packages, Rate/Discount Management, Credit Notes, Deposits, Claim Submissions, Medical Coding, Claim Reconciliation and Remittance Advice.

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Sales, Procurement, Stock Management (Adjustments, Transfers, Indenting).

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Ease of learning and use

High technology and great quality through its use of the famous MS-SQL SEREVR database, which is distinguished by its flexibility and practical strength as well as its speed.

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Equipped with the latest programming technology.

Dentech systems are compatible with all versions of Windows: - WIN 7 WIN 8 - WIN 10 - WIN 11.The ability to export all data and reports to Microsoft Office applications (WORD-EXCEL -) in all its versions in addition to PDF and HTML media formats.

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Electronic ticket

by submitting a request for technical support through the online ticket program from within the Dentech system.

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Direct technical support service

it is summarized in the scheduled periodic visits with clients, which is a prior and coordinated technical plan to improve and maintain clients' time management

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Technical support service over the phone

through the telephone consultation team provided by Dentech, which aims to quickly address customer problems that often appear from common mistakes users at the beginning of the application of their new system.

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Online technical support service

in order to speed up the downloading of updates and additional reports for customers in a short time and to notify them about them immediately, in addition to the temporary treatment of customer problems

Dentech, complete and integrated electronic medical record system

  • An integrated and interconnected system to serve all medical sectors (TECH META).
  • features within each program enables dealing with more than one branch (the center / the complex).
  • user friendly and the multi-language interface of the system.
  • insurance company’s system and follow-up of claims, covered items, patient tolerance rates and the maximum
  • Internal e-mail for exchanging messages between users and indicative messages from the system and alerts.
  • Multiple methods of calculating doctors' percentages and posting them to the accounting system.
  • The pharmacy system, linking with insurance companies, points of sale, and barcodes for items.
  • Electronic files for the medical sector and electronic files for the dental sector and specialized sectors
  • Linking all the programs and the accounts program to obtain the income statements and the financial position lists.
  • dental laboratory automated modules that allows ordering and tracking of dental lab work flow and cost accounting.
  • Electronic messages for appointments, which allows the process of appointment reminding for the patient.
  • Multiple financial years in addition to multiple levels of directory and cost centers for general accounts.
  • Ease in following-up the movement of patient files, in addition to a system for following-up treatment plans within appointments
  • Analytical reports within the system, performance measurement for employees and doctors, and management reports.
  • Users management system to determine the powers within the system and to monitor the workflow of the system
  • the system has features allowing Tele-medicine appointments with patients.
  • Radiology module with ease of integration with the existing radiology systems.
  • WhatsApp enabled system, to send reminders, offers and appointments to patients
  • Managers Dashboard that has live data and statistics.
  • Connection with Whatsapp massages
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Accreditation and integration with the tax and Income authority
Saudi food and drug Authority
Accreditation and integration with a drug monitoring system
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Accreditation and integration with the Nafees platform (Council of Health Insurance)
Ministry Of Health
Accreditation and integration with the Seha platform
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Automatic connection with D H S
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Automated connection with Waseel

Key Business Intelligence Benefits

Maximize your investment with, which is a web and browser-enabled software, you require no additional licensed software for the operating system or database.

Make informed decisions from operational dashboards

  • Actionable insights, updated daily, into the most important financial and operational metrics for your practic
  • Answer critical questions related to Scheduling, Treatment Plans, Recare, Production Plans, Referrals, and Collections.
  • Easy to read and understand charts and graphs
Doctor's Image
Doctor's Image

Gain insight into key performance indicators

  • Dashboards display 4 key performance indicators (Finance, HR, and Inventory, Operations) to summarize your practice’s overall performane

Easily access financial trends

  • Operational dashboards are grouped into categories to make it easier to navigate through your practice’s financial trends.
Doctor's Image
Doctor's Image

Don’t wait until the end of the month to get answers to questions like

  • Am I on target for my production goals this month?
  • How many patients do I have on a Recare schedule, and how many have an appointment set?
  • Is there enough work to hire another staff?

Pre-sales service features

  • Dentech provides its customers with the ability to study and analyze the problems of its old systems and provide wonderful and technical solutions through the powerful "Dentech" system.
  • Informing the customer of all the advantages of the Denteh system and its programs so that the customer can choose what suits him in line with his actual needs.
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Pre-sales service features

Dentech seeks, through its software system, to take the lead in technical leadership in bridging the largest technical gaps in common systems by providing after-sales service that is commensurate with a company that promotes customers inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and this is summarized as follows:

  • In coordination with the officials, a mechanism is set for implementation and installation of the "Dentech" system for the client, while preserving the old data until it is transferred to the "Dentech" cloud system.
  • The old customer data is studied and a database expert team from us transfers the old customer data to the "Dentech" system, which saves time and effort on the customer instead of the routine of wasting time in some companies that re-enter them manually old customer data is studied and a database expert team from us transfers the old customer data to the "Dentech" system, which saves time and effort on the customer instead of the routine of wasting time in some companies that re-enter them manually
  • Providing advanced and organized training services on how to optimally use the integrated "Dentech" cloud system
  • Dentech is distinguished by providing technically qualified and technically qualified technical support cadres with the ability to find solutions to the problems facing the client
  • Dentech can implement customers' modifications and suggestions with great success through a specialized and meticulous technical team
  • Customers are notified of the latest developments and updates that are added periodically to the "Dentech" cloud system through the idea (referendum) that the company adopts, to raise the level of its customers, and the customer is contacted and discussed whether these updates are suitable for him to be applied to him.
  • Providing technical support service in case of emergency over a twenty-four hour period, in addition to having a periodic schedule for the client, regardless of whether there are requirements for him or not.
  • Providing a free unified number service at the level of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, covering all our branches
  • Providing a specialized department for customer care to inform them of their schedules continuously in coordination with the officials

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